Landcare Foundation of the Philippines (LFPI)


The Landcare Foundation of the Philippines, as a non-profit NGO, welcomes donations to landcare activities in the Philippines for the following:

  • Supporting  small farmer  groups to engage in a farmer to farmer interaction with other other landcare farmers groups demonstrating best practices in diversified integrated farming systems and soil and water conservation and agroforestry;
  • Supporting farmer groups and/or association in collaboration with local government units (barangay/municipality) adopt and set-up policy and programs on soil and water conservation measures in the locality;
  • supporting farmer groups and local government units set up community demonstration farms promoting and exhibiting diversified integrated farming systems and climate change mitigation and adaptation and disaster risk reduction measures in the upland and sloping areas of the community;

Our Advocacies

Landcare will continuously support local initiatives for sustainable agriculture and natural resources management in the Philippine uplands and other ecosystems through action-research and extension services mainly in partnership with local peoples’ organization, local government units and other service providers in the environment and agricultural sector.

Specifically, Landcare’s advocacies are focus on livelihood development for small farmers within the context of soil and water conservation, integrated sustainable agriculture, climate change adaptation and mitigation and natural resource management.

Contact Us

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Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City
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Telefax: +63 88 851 1224
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