Landcare Foundation of the Philippines (LFPI)

What we do

Develop and implement Agriculture and Natural Resource Management related programs

Facilitate local communities towards

  • Developing Local Capacities
  • Conservation Farming Technology Adoption
  • Enhanced Natural Resource Management Processes and Practices
  • Improving Local Communities Social Networks and Linkages
  • Developing Livelihood Programs

Provide technical assistance to partners in terms of

  • Project development and management
  • Training and planning on sustainable agriculture and natural resource managment
  • Mainstreaming Landcare and policy advocacy towards institutionalization of Landcare
  • Livelihood development planning through value-chain approach

Working with broad range of partners

  • Upland and Lowland Farmers
  • Tri-people (Indigenous Peoples, Muslim Communities and Christians)
  • Formal and Informal Groups
  • Schools/Academe
  • Church
  • Local Government units from Barangay up to the Provincial Levels
  • National Government Agencies
  • Research Institutions
  • other like minded CSO

Mainstreaming Landcare

  • Policy advocacy
  • LGU program development
  • NRM-based Barangay Development Planning
  • Development of community-based extension teams and para-legal groups.

Our Advocacies

Landcare will continuously support local initiatives for sustainable agriculture and natural resources management in the Philippine uplands and other ecosystems through action-research and extension services mainly in partnership with local peoples’ organization, local government units and other service providers in the environment and agricultural sector.

Specifically, Landcare’s advocacies are focus on livelihood development for small farmers within the context of soil and water conservation, integrated sustainable agriculture, climate change adaptation and mitigation and natural resource management.

Contact Us

Door 2-A, CST Apartments, Apollo St., Hillside Subdivision,
Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City
Philippines 9000
Telefax: +63 88 851 1224
Mobile: +63 917 726 5042